The Bless My Stars sound is a dynamic and raw mix of alt rock, female vocals, and 80s synth, with genuine, heartfelt lyrics and unapologetic pop melodies.

Meet the band:

Mary Yanashima (Lead Vocals) - She kicks ass!

Bon Corral (Cello, Keys, Synth, Vocals) - Raised on bluegrass and world folk music, Bonnie falls in love with anything indie acoustic.  She was trained in orchestras, choirs, music theory, and musical theater, and memorable melodies really speak to her.  She discovered the outlet of songwriting and after hearing CHVRCHES and Two Door Cinema Club knew she wanted to learn synth.
Twitter: @BonCorralMusic

Chad Kneubuhl (Drums) -  Member of classic rock cover band Backbeat, Chad brings an enthusiasm and wide experience since the age of 11, having played professionally with reggae, jazz, fusion, punk, rock, metal, Hip Hop, Brazilian Samba bands, show choirs and marching Drum Corps.  He loves Green Day, The Kinks, Jimmy Eat World, and Dashboard Confessional.
Twitter: @durrdrumer

Erick McDougall (Bass Guitar) – Erick’s interest in playing bass came when he first heard KISS, Ramones, and wanted to be in Jane’s Addiction.  He played in multiple So Cal bands and at every dive bar you can think of up and down the CA coast. He brings a humble and down-to-earth attitude to the band, and with his deep background as a performing bass player, he brings a lot of wisdom and street advice.
Twitter: @Erick_McDougall

Chris Dyer (Lead Guitar) - Always looking for a creative outlet, Chris has jumped from medium to medium, from photography to poetry, to music.  He first brought some of the band members together in 2014.  With ambition and never-ending endurance, he loves to be playing guitar any opportunity he has.  He writes from the heart, inspired by The Lumineers and The Airborne Toxic Event.
Twitter: @chrisdyer7

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